The bible says owe no many anything but love. Scripture promotes paying your debts even if it means living a simple life with less consumer goods and luxuries.The USA used to be a nation that paid its debts individually and nationally. It used to have a culture whereby owing money was frowned on ….. No longer. …. I PROPHESY TO YOU .


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IMMINENT JUDGEMENT ON THE USA PART 1-prophet steve blomefield

The USA is under imminent judgement from God. This will begin to take place within the next 1 or 2 years. The USA has lost its mandate to be a servant to the nations under the blessing of God to becoming a dominating manipulative one with smooth explanations that are no different from outright lies. … and God is preparing judgement for you.

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Most of the book of Revelation applies to all men everywhere. Most people find it hard to understand the book because it is written in a strange category of literature. The book fires your imagination by painting pictures in your mind that will horrify you and inspire you. In reality it depicts the horrors of people, nations and continents that do not obey God and who fight against the Lordship of Messiah Jesus Christ…. and the awesome power of God and his inevitable triumph. Revelation 6:1-8 is about the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Books have been written about these few verses. Films have been made about these verses, and now these verses can be applied to Zimbabwe from the 1970’s to post 2000.

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This is a prophecy to Presidential aspirant Emmerson Mnangagwa.
You are clearly the best man to succeed his Excellency R.G. Mugabe president, and God wants you to have that job because you can bring an enormous turnaround to Zimbabwe. I have seen it spiritually…..but there is a huge catch. God is planning to kill you.

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PROPHECY TO HON. GRACE MUGABE 23rd october, 2014

This is a prophetic letter to First lady, Grace Mugabe, wife of his excellency the president of Zimbabwe. This means I do not write to lobby for my own race, culture, church, suburb, business but I speak for God. Prophecy must be tested and you must test this prophecy. Is it according to scripture. Is it tough truth? Or is it populist, telling you what you want to hear to gain favour, promotion, money or power.

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a prophetic word to zimbabwe 2014 no 2. THE FOUR LAWS OF NATION BUILDING

The second word to Zimbabwe is this. If a prophet tells you that you will prosper, or your nation prosper, without doing the following 4 things, he is a false prophet. If he tells you that you will prosper, but you must follow the following four things first, then he is a true prophet.

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A prophetic word to Zimbabwe 2014 No 1. Support government

I was asked the other day ‘what is the prophetic word to Zimbabwe’. In the next few blogs I am going to reveal this. As always, i must warn you that God’s word does not cater for the popular masses, popular church, popular culture, popular politics, but it does speak to those who truly want nation building, true family, true prosperity. My prophecies have gone against my personal [short term ] interests. I was raised on a commercial farm but I speak against the sins of commercial farmers and predict their downfall.

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